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About Internet Security

The Internet, recognized as a medium that has vastly changed our lives, reveals new social and personal opportunities. It breaks down barriers and dramatically transforms all relationships, both personal and business. However, the Internet remains an unsafe environment that raises serious issues about security that cannot be ignored.

People who don't protect their Internet communications, are exposed to greater risks than they probably assume. One single incident may break down all other benefits of Internet use and cause financial or moral harm.

The main problem is that initially the Internet was developed as an open medium. Internet traffic is predominantly unencrypted data and thus electronic messages, passwords and files can be easily intercepted, monitored or altered. Although email is very convenient and useful for communication, it is the most vulnerable area of the Internet.

The facts are:
  • No standard email protocol (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4) provides encryption that can guarantee the confidentiality of correspondence.

  • Ordinary email messages and attached files can easily be cracked and read by third parties.

  • Ordinary email messages can deceive the recipient due to the low identity verification of the sender.

  • Ordinary email messages can be altered by third parties.

  • Ordinary email services do not guarantee the delivery of the message to the recipient.

All these problems are solved by S-Mail®, a comfortable and easy-to-use solution for secure emailing. For S-Mail users, electronic correspondence is absolutely secure and safe. NO ONE, except the sender and the recipient, are able to handle the email concerned. Your correspondence is impregnable for malefactors, Internet service providers, special services and government officials and even S-Mail administrators. All the security procedures are fully automatic.

For more information on how S-Mail protects your mail, please visit this page.

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