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How S-Mail Protects Your Information

If your addressee is an S-Mail® user your message is sent encrypted. Protection is automatic and has three main levels:
  1. PGP. The message is encrypted with a randomly generated 128-bit session key which in turn is encrypted with the addressee's 2048-bit key.

  2. Electronic digital signature - DSA. The signature verification key is 1024 bits. Verification of electronic signature guarantees the integrity of a letter and the authenticity of a return address.

  3. SSL. The message travels along a secure channel where it is additionally encrypted. The length of the encryption key is up to 1024 bits.

Our encryption process means that letters and attached files are encrypted and decrypted on a user's PC and are thus protected while being sent and stored.

You can see the way your correspondence looks for third parties.

To find out more about the encryption/decryption methods used at S-Mail, visit this page.

The algorithms and protocols S-Mail uses to protect your correspondence are shown here.

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