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Privacy Statement

1. S-Mail protects privacy

We are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of S-Mail® users. This Privacy Statement refers to how we treat the personal information we collect when you access our web site and the information you send/receive when using S-Mail.com's services.

2. Statistic data access limitation

We protect the Privacy of all our web site visitors. We never share, sell, rent, trade or loan any personal data to third parties but we may obtain aggregate statistics for marketing purposes. We restrict accessing those statistics to a very limited number of employees.

3. Using your IP address

We use your Internet Protocol (IP) address to help diagnose problems with our computer server and to administer our web site. Your IP address contains no personal information about you. It is used to distinguish you from other visitors and to collect demographic data.

4. Keeping logs on the site visits

We also maintain standard web server logs that represent your browser type, access date and time, pages requested, web server response code, HTTP protocol version, IP address and HTTP referrer. This data is used internally to measure the efficiency of our marketing as well as to improve the quality of service. This data is never shared with third parties.

5. Cookies files

You should be aware that personal information is and may be collected through the use of cookies. Cookies are small files used to recognize users when they visit web sites. They allow a web site to track a person's web usage behavior. There may, however, be some features on the web site, which can demand the use of cookies in order to customize the delivery of information to you personally.

6. Using your contact details

The web site's registration process at S-Mail requires giving personal contact information, such as name and e-mail address. We use this data solely to contact our clients to verify their identity, or to inform them about changes or new features of the service which we provide. Your contact details are processed as aggregated data only, and any of its exploration, analysis or study will contain no personal information.

7. Sharing responsibility

You should also be aware that if you voluntarily or occasionally disclose personal information to others, the information might be collected and disseminated by the third parties, and result in unexpected or unwanted messages from the third parties. Third parties are beyond our control, so we advise our clients not to share any personal information with others. Accordingly, any unsolicited mass distribution of emails through S-Mail is strongly prohibited at S-Mail.com.

8. Your message inviolability

All messages transmitted and operated through S-Mail are encrypted and considered private for both sender and recipient. S-Mail will never monitor, edit or disclose the contents of any client's private communications and cannot due to the fact that no message can be decrypted by anyone but the recipient. Not even S-Mail technical staff have access to your messages. This is our Special Secure Service. We cannot decrypt the contents of your message, no matter who asks, demands or exacts us for it, because it is physically impossible - only you and the recipient can. This protection is provided if both the recipient and sender use the S-Mail system.

9. Delivering information to third parties

The only case in which we are obliged to relinquish a message as it is, i.e. encrypted, to a third party is in the event of one or both of the following:

  • International or national law requires it;

  • It is necessary to respond to legal claims that such messages violate the rights of third parties and/or to protect the rights or property of S-Mail or others.
10. Information protection measures

S-Mail has put into place significant security measures to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of users' information. We use encryption as well as secure database, network and system administration practices to ensure that all your information is protected. Your information is not only protected in transport from client to server, but, thereafter, is stored in a highly secure environment.

11. Encryption methods

S-Mail is an automated data processing system that does not require a cipher key exchange between sender and recipient. The S-Mail service is based on a platform that utilizes PGP encryption protocol to deliver secure email among its users.

After a message is created, it is encrypted through the S-Mail service and transmitted to the recipient. If the recipient also uses S-Mail, the message will only be decrypted when he/she logs in, enters his/her password and clicks on the message.

Passwords are never stored at S-Mail, so the client alone is responsible for it. You must not lose your password, because we cannot bring it back - it is physically impossible.

If the recipient does not use S-Mail (the server defines this by matching the 'to:' field) the message is delivered open; the server transmits the decrypted message to the recipient.

We cannot ensure the security of a transport from our server to the computer of such a recipient, so the most appropriate approach is to have completely secure correspondence using S-Mail for both sender and recipient.

12. Informing our users

Our Privacy Policy is under constant review and thus, it may be modified and updated in the future. S-Mail does not contact users unless the communication is account related. While an S-Mail newsletter is issued periodically to announce security news or new features of our service, S-Mail users can opt out either at the time of sign-up or upon receiving the newsletter. However, we strongly recommend accepting the news letter and thus receiving all news and announcements firsthand.

13. Policy changes

If we are going to use your personal information in a manner different from that stated at the time of collection, we will notify you via email. You will have the option to refuse this request and keep your information from being used.

If we make any essential change in our privacy practices that do not affect client information already stored in our database, we will post a prominent notice on our web site notifying clients of the change being made. In some cases, we will also email those clients who have opted to receive communications from us to notify them of the changes in our privacy practices.

14. Always ready to answer your questions

Your privacy is a very serious concern for S-Mail. If you have questions about privacy issues after reading this statement, please contact our Information Desk. In the subject line, please enter: "S-Mail privacy". We value your opinions and appreciate your comments, so do not hesitate to ask us.

15. Enactment

This statement is enacted as of July 9, 2001, and may be amended from time-to-time. This statement is not intended to and does not constitute any contractual and/or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.

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