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System Requirements

You don't have to buy or download any software to start using S-Mail®. Just make sure that your system meets our requirements:
  • Processor - Pentium 200 or higher.

  • RAM - 32Mb or more.

  • Internet connection - 26 kb/s or faster.

  • Operating system - Windows 7 / Vista / XP / NT / 2000 / Me / 98 / 95 or Linux.

  • Browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) v. 5.0 or higher
    or Netscape Navigator/Communicator (NN) 4.75 - 4.79.

  • JavaScript and Java support:

    Java Virtual Machine (JVM) by Microsoft or Sun Microsystems must be installed. Microsoft JVM is a bit faster, but Sun JVM seems to be more reliable.

    Installing almost all Windows versions will automatically install JVM. However, some versions (e.g. some subversions of Windows XP) require manual installation of JVM.

    To install Sun or Microsoft JVM, please follow these links:

    Sun JVM 1.6.0_14 (15.6 Mb)
    Microsoft JVM (6.0 Mb)

  • You should also see that the settings of your local network or firewall software do not prohibit Java, JavaScripts or cookies: they are needed for secure emailing.
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