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S-Mail® - Secure email

It's a fact that when you communicate with email in the usual POP3 form, webmail, or even via SSL, your messages can be intercepted, read, changed, and counterfeited by others.

Now there is a secure way to communicate over the Internet.
Our service fully protects your correspondence from prying eyes. Introducing: S-Mail.

S-Mail, designed with modern military-level cryptography, securely protects ALL stored and transmitted data.

Learn more about our methods of data protection...

S-Mail, a completely secure mail service, offers the following benefits:

– Total confidentiality

– Automatic protection

– Spam and Virus blocking

– Ad and Banner free

– Mailbox of any volume

– POP3/SMTP access

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    Free PREMIUM S-Mail accounts for iKey token users!

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    Answers to frequently asked questions about S-Mail and the way it works...

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