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S-Mail - secure virtual email server

  1. Logging in

    To log into your S-Mail® secure virtual email server account via web interface you need to open the login page, enter your login (the way your email address looks before the "@" sign) and password in the appropriate fields, and click the "Sign In" button.

    You can open the login page by typing mail.s-mail.com into the address bar of your web browser and pressing "Enter".

    We recommend that you install the web mailbox shortcut for quick access to the S-Mail secure virtual email server if you work with it via web interface. Enter your secure virtual email server box and choose "Options" in the upper menu of your web mail interface. Then go to "Other Options" and click on the "Secure Mail Box Login Button" link. The shortcut will be saved on your PC's desktop automatically. To enter your web mail interface, double click on the shortcut, enter your login and password, and press the "Sign In" button.

  2. Composing e-mail

    After signing up for and logging into your S-Mail secure virtual email server account, any S-Mail user can start sending and receiving secure messages to correspondents at other S-Mail addresses. Messages sent to users who don't use our secure virtual email server are transmitted from our server unencrypted, and therefore unprotected. The overall security of email correspondence is highest when both sender and recipient use the S-Mail system.

    To compose new mail, click the "Compose" button in the upper menu of your mailbox. Enter the recipient's email address in the field provided and type your message into the text box. You can give your outgoing email any title you'd like by typing a brief heading into the subject line of the email message.

  3. Receiving e-mail

    You receive your e-mail correspondence automatically when you log in. You can use the "Check Mail" button to receive email messages immediately. The system automatically checks for new e-mail every 10 minutes.

    To read a specific e-mail, click anywhere on the e-mail's title line. Once the e-mail has been opened, the buttons on our secure virtual email server toolbar offer a variety of user options. You may reply to the message, forward it, delete it, verify the sender's electronic signature, print the letter, etc.

  4. Folders

    For convenient e-mail storage, the S-Mail secure virtual email server allows the creation of up to 50 folders to store mail. Folders are operated by means of the "Folders" section in the left part of your secure mailbox.

  5. Address Book

    S-Mail's address book feature allows users to create nicknames for their correspondents. Nicknames are stored with the corresponding addresses so S-Mail users can activate nicknames any time they want when an email is composed. When an S-Mail user selects a nickname, the S-Mail system automatically addresses the email being delivered. This feature offers S-Mail secure virtual email server users a secure and convenient way to organize and store email addresses.

  6. Copying and Pasting

    By following the instructions below, you'll be able to copy and paste text from/to S-Mail messages and any document editor window on your PC.

    1. Left click on your mouse and drag across the text you want to copy. This will highlight your chosen text.

    2. Release the mouse.

    3. Right click on your mouse and press "Copy". This will copy your text.

    4. To paste the text into your S-Mail message, click the mouse in the large white text body area of S-Mail, placing the cursor where the text should begin.

    5. Right click on your mouse and press "Paste". The text is now pasted in place.

  7. External File Encryption / Decryption

    With our S-Mail secure virtual email server, you can encrypt any file on any data storage device with our Files Option, available to Premium plan subscribers only. This option gives you the possibility to encrypt/decrypt any files on your PC and all other data storage devices with the same technology that is used by S-Mail. Press the "Files" button in the upper menu of your S-Mail web interface, and choose one of the following actions: Encrypt file or Decrypt file.

    The Encrypt file function prompts you to choose a file you want to secure. When the file is chosen, the S-Mail secure virtual email server will encode it and save it under the name you entered. As a result, your file is protected and absolutely unreadable. Only you are able to decrypt it. To do this choose the Decrypt file option, find the encoded file in a standard Windows dialog and enter a name for its open (unencrypted) version. Your file will be saved in its initial form.

    Welcome to secure, easy-to-use mail!

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