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Standard Services

Our Standard services are designed to provide you with a wide range of secure email options at an affordable price. Standard is our economy plan which includes the following features:
  • 100 Mb secure mailbox;

  • You can work in S-Mail via any email software such as Outlook, Eudora, etc. (POP3/SMTP secure access);

  • Automatic encryption of all emails and attachments;

  • Automatic electronic signature;

  • All messages and attached files are always stored and transmitted encrypted;

  • Virtual keyboard to enter a password;

  • iKey token support;

  • Anti-spam option: Spam Assassin technology;

  • RBL anti-spam filter;

  • 10 inbox folders (all can be organized);

  • 1 address book and up to 10 records in it;

  • 10 lists (black, white, etc) with up to 100 records;

  • Automatic email check every 10 minutes;

  • Automatic conversion of messages into Unicode;

  • Auto-reply text option;

  • Address book export option;

  • Notification of incoming emails to other email addresses;

  • Interface in English or French;

     and all other regular operations with email...

Below you can see the rates for our Standard subscription plan. The first figure is total cost, the figure in parentheses is cost per month.

Note: If you pay for more than one month you immediately get a discount. The price decreases as the time period you pay for increases.

Total Price (Price per account per one month),
all included, US $
Pre-paid for
1 month
Pre-paid for
3 months
   Standard 3.00 (3.00) 8.10 (2.70)

Find more on our Premium plan which gives you the maximum number of options to manage your correspondence.

Take advantage of all these secure mail features by signing up for an account now: your_name@s-mail.com.

You will be able to use it FREE for one month while enjoying all Premium plan options.

To find out how to pay for our Standard and Premium accounts, please visit this page.

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