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S-Mail - secure email service

Email programs like Outlook are fast and easy-to-use, but they have one serious drawback - your messages are transmitted in plain text, over an open, insecure network and therefore can be read, changed and counterfeited. S-Mail® secure email service solves this problem - without any compromise to confidentiality, speed or comfort!

You can use the S-Mail secure email service via ANY e-mail software, from the most popular to the lesser known ones: Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Mozilla, Outlook Express, TheBat!, Pegasus, Netscape Mail, etc.

You don't need to open your S-Mail secure email service web interface every time you want to check your mail or send a message. Just install S-Mail Agent, and you can work with your S-Mail account via your favourite email software.

The S-Mail secure email service gives you an opportunity to try S-Mail Agent free for 30 days and enjoy all its benefits. After the trial period, the service will be available to subscribers of the Premium and Standard plans.

Please download and run the "S-Agent.exe" file. S-Mail Agent will be installed automatically:

  • S-Agent.zip (v.1.01, 647Kb)

    If you have some questions about S-Mail Agent settings to make it fully operational in our secure email service, please press "Help" in the S-Mail Agent menu or visit this page.

    After installation, S-Mail Agent operates between your email software and the S-Mail secure email service. You work with your correspondence as usual, and the S-Mail Agent automatically protects all your mail with the same methods used by web-based S-Mail secure email service.

    S-Mail Agent also allows you to encrypt/decrypt any files on your PC or removable data storage devices.

    Please note:

    1. Prior to using S-Mail Agent you need to sign up for a free S-Mail account.

    2. You should also make sure that your PC meets all secure email service system requirements.

    3. You cannot use your S-Mail secure email service box simultaneously via the web and via S-Mail Agent.
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