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S-Mail - secure virtual mail server

For companies, organizations and other entities we offer Co-Mail.

Co-MailTM is a secure virtual mail server constructed on the S-Mail crypto-engine, and delivered globally as ASP (Application Service Providing). Although ASP is marketed worldwide, we believe that some segments of ASP are still not fully developed. Consumers may receive the basics of what they need, but the issues of administrative simplicity and security for clients and service providers are not completely resolved. Simplicity and security are our specialities.

The Co-Mail secure virtual mail server caters to corporate networks, particularly those with a varying number of dispersed users, whose exterior communications need to be fully protected. Recipients of encrypted messages can be corporate or private ones, inner or exterior, based on corporate decision. The Co-Mail secure virtual mail server accounts can be quickly created to privately store and transmit data to employees and partners, suppliers and customers, wherever they are.

Our secure virtual mail server combines the email system embedded within the company's core infrastructure with secure communication between important senders and recipients. The number of needed mailboxes may be individually chosen and specified. Co-Mail gives companies the ability to powerfully and efficiently manage all their digital communications.

The Co-Mail secure virtual mail server is a tailored solution suitable for corporations who deal with different business communities and who are searching for an affordable security service. It is very useful for SME, legal, medical and insurance companies, off-shore businesses and banks, detective agencies and special services.

Our secure virtual mail server allows a company to issue/delete accounts, upload the company logo into users' mailboxes, view user and corporate statistics, select how company mail accounts look and more. Furthermore, companies with Co-Mail are able to manage digital activities as quickly as possible, without the use of complex crypto-ware or cumbersome hardware.

The Co-Mail secure virtual mail server solution offers businesses the chance to keep corporate communications absolutely private. Our fully automatic service uses PGP encryption, digital signature, SSL encryption, and other methods. All letters and the attached files are encrypted and decrypted on a user's PC and are protected while being sent and stored.

All email software (Outlook, etc.) is compatible with the speedy encryption of our secure virtual mail server.

Co-Mail can be used anywhere there is an Internet connection.

The Co-Mail secure virtual mail server successfully combines security and simplicity at very competitive prices.

For more information, please visit our Co-Mail site.

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