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Secure email - safe account

S-Mail® is a safe account providing total encryption for all your email correspondence - always and everywhere. Your safe account has numerous advantages:

  • You can enjoy all the benefits of S-Mail at any PC connected to the Internet.

  • All your safe account emails are always stored and transmitted encrypted.

  • All your attachments are always stored and transmitted encrypted.

  • There is no need to install any special software to use your safe account.

  • There is no need to swap passwords/cipher keys with your secure email partners.

  • There are no needed operations to secure your safe account: all mechanisms are applied automatically.

  • The S-Mail system is designed to be a communicative tool for day-to-day activities on the Internet.

  • Registration process and other related practices are as simple as possible in your safe account.

  • System is user-friendly, with a wide and competitive range of capabilities.

  • No specialized computer knowledge or skill is needed to operate your safe account.

  • You can send and receive messages to/from any other email service.

  • There are no advertisements in your safe account.

S-Mail offers you Standard and Premium services.

Take advantage of all these secure mail features by signing up for a safe account now: your_name@s-mail.com.

You will be able to use it FREE for one month while enjoying all Premium options.
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