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The Way Your Correspondence Looks for Third Parties

This is what all your messages sent via S-Mail® look like for third parties (including our company) both in transport and storage:

N.V.x..A"..3.3Y5.B9'fr&B?$Og.=x_\cA\..N}o-IL#@i#uV!(wUŒJ"HX)waـ".m>.i-)ٱ" 6MLB1SּG.(mf;wCv.IJ$.$;TX..fHJw.Pk,p. B^ saP qV..xg n8 n..w-.b_ރ% .ͦ*KM,Viݶ.?4߬.V%Giz fV.*$*6_,-`b0RX../.iO~܅bAΛx-a.eb,_-.z7:"V

To decrypt this message one needs to live many lives...
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