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  • How do I save and open attachments in letters I receive via S-Mail ?

    Please do the following:

    1) click on the filename attached to the received message.
    2) a small window will appear.
    3) click "Save" in the top of this window.
    4) the standard Windows dialog for saving a file will appear.
    5) navigate to a directory where the file will be saved.
    6) if needed, enter another name for the file you are saving.
    7) sometimes it is mandatory to manually add an appropriate extension (.txt, .doc, etc.) to the file you save.
    8) please remember the directory where you saved the file!

    To open the file automatically after saving, please check "Open after saving" in the small window (from step 2). Important: some PC configurations do not allow automatic opening of files.

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  • Why should I save attached files before opening them?

    Because of the very secure nature of our service, you must save attached files first, prior to opening. Don't forget to delete saved files after use if you are sharing your PC with someone else. Alternatively, you can just encrypt them using our external file encryption/decryption feature or S-Mail Agent option.

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  • How many files can be attached to an outgoing message?

    When you send a message via S-Mail® web interface, a maximum of four files may be attached. There is no limit on the number of attached files if you work in S-Mail via an email program such as Outlook, Eudora, etc.

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  • Is there any limit on the size of messages and attached files that I can send and receive?

    S-Mail® does not limit the size of the outgoing messages. This size is limited by the receiver's box requirements only. However, if the size of a message with the attached files exceeds the volume of your box it will not be saved in the "Sent" folder.

    Also, you will not be able to receive any messages whose size (text of a letter plus attached file) together with other letters in your box, exceeds the allowed volume. In order to avoid this we advise you to regularly clear all unnecessary messages from your box.

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  • Why do HTML-messages become attachments?

    In S-Mail all email messages are encrypted and thus cannot be checked for viruses and malicious content. In order to keep our service as secure as possible, we need to convert all HTML messages (excluding links and email addresses) into attachments. This prevents your system from automatically running malicious code inside an HTML file.

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