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Algorithms and Protocols

The ironically named "Pretty Good Privacy" (PGP) protocol provides extremely reliable encryption for data, ensuring excellent protection.

The PGP algorithm uses a pair of asymmetric keys (public and private) for encryption/decryption purposes. The public key is freely distributed to all interested parties, and can only be used to encrypt data. The private key is available to a mailbox owner only, and it is used to decrypt messages.

The encryption/decryption algorithms function according to the RFC 2440 'OpenPGP Message Format'.

For symmetric encryption, algorithm CAST5 with a length of 128 bits (16 bytes) is used in CFB mode.

The Diffie-Hellman algorithm is applied for public key generation and processing. The algorithm parameters are: P - 2048 bits, G = 2, X - 512 bits.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol secures both the data of protocols (such as HTTP, NNTP, FTP etc.) and the transport protocol (TCP/IP). Therefore, all messages sent within our mail system travel along a secure channel. The length of encryption key is up to 1024 bits.

The algorithm used for electronic digital signatures is DSA with 1024-bit key. Verification of electronic signatures guarantees the integrity of a letter and the authenticity of a return address.

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